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Freestanding Gas Fyers

Free standing fryers (often just called upright fryers) are the undisputed king of commercial bulk frying. Whether you're frying up fish, chips, chicken or tempura, these models are designed to leave food deliciously crispy and golden.Solid commercial construction and powerful gas burners ensure these deep fat fryers are ideal for everyday use in busy restaurants, cafes, takeaways and canteens. Whether you need a single or double baskets or premium filtration fryers, this wide selection includes deep fat fryers for all budgets and capacity requirements. Twin tank deep fat fryers (sometimes called double tank fryers) are the ideal solution for cooking different types of foods at the same time. The separate tanks mean you can cater for all types of menus at once - meat, vegetarian and vegan. It also allows for different oil types and cooking temperatures to be used at the same time. So whether you are frying chips, doughnuts, fish or chicken a twin tank fryer is an excellent commercial choice.

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