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Electric & Gas Pressure Fryers

The safe, efficient and economical BKI pressure fryer allows you to feature popular fried food options without the high maintenance and costs. Low-pressure cooking delivers moist, tender fried food with 30% longer holding capability. The patented "Quick-Disconnect" filtration system and "Instant-On" electric igniter ensure simple and easy operation, because burners are activated only when the fryer is turned on, eliminating the need for a constantly burning pilot. The quality construction stands up to heavy use. It's the economical choice that is designed to save retail and catering businesses significant fuel and money. We also supply the Henny Penny range of pressure fryers such as the PFE-500, PFE-591, PFG-600 & PFG-691. They are designed for low cost, high volume production of consistently excellent fried chicken.

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