Finance Options

We are pleased to be able to bring a new payment structure at Empire Supplies. We hope this will enable our customers to quickly secure finance and invest in vital equipment in an affordable way during the pandemic and after. We are now offering 3 & 6 month reduced payments.

Example on capital cost of £3,000 + VAT

3 Month Low Start Option
3 monthly payments of £32.68+VAT
Followed by 33 monthly payments of £123.59

6 Month Low Start Option
6 monthly payments of £58.01+VAT

Followed by 33 monthly payments of £127.61+VAT

We pride ourselves on offering a fast and efficient service to all our customers. We know that cash flow is vital to any business which is why
we offer finance options for purchases over £1,000. We can arrange credit literally within a few hours.


Benefits of using Empire Lease Purchase

100% Tax deductible - All rentals can be offset against company profit.
Immediate purchase of equipment - acquiring the equipment when needed.
Keep Capital - Which can be saved for other profitable purposes.
Stay up to date - The immediate gain of having the very latest technology, updating every few years.
Small Outlay - Minimal down payment.
VAT - Is paid each month on the rental therefore effectively deferred.
Plan budgets - Payments are fixed you know when & how much to pay.
Get the equipment you need when you need it - not when you can afford it.
Simply enter the amount you are looking to arrange on credit into our interactive finance calculator in the red cells below to give you an idea how much it could cost you. (Amounts shown are inclusive of VAT)
(Some browsers may require a double-click in the amount field)

Simply fill in the form above to get a quick, no obligation quote
Note - The finance figures displayed above have been calculated over 24 to 60 month terms and are merely a guide and subject to status. Actual T&C's will be unique to each underwriter and will be provided during application before commencing any agreement.
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