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Dynamic Stabilizing Base for 20Ltr Salad Spinner

For use with product codes E20 & E20SC. Model: AC019.
Dynamix Whisk Attachment

For CF001. Model: AC516.
Dynamic Support Bracket SM006

Side Support Bracket. Colour: Orange. Stainless steel. Model: SM006.
Dynamic Dynamix Stick Blender MX050 - CF001

350W Shaft: 300mm (11.8")Detachable
Dynamix Cutter Bowl Attachment

For CF001. Model: AC518.
Dynamix Foodmill/Ricer Attachment

For CF001. Model: AC517.
Dynamic Junior Mixer Tool

For CF005 & CF006. Model: AC105.
Dynamic Support Bracket SM001

Top Support Bracket 400mm. Colour: orange. Stainless steel. Model: SM001.
Dynamic Dynamix Pack

220W Shaft: 160mm (6.2")

220W. Capacity: 4Ltr
Dynamic Dynacoupe Manual Slicer and Shredder with Two Discs - DM470

Includes shredding disc and slicing disc
Dynamic Dynashake Pack

220W Shaft: 190mm (7.4")
Dynamic Support Bracket SM005

Top Support Bracket 1200mm. Colour: Orange. Stainless steel. Model: SM005.
Dynamix Pack MF

220W Shaft: 160mm (6.2")

180W. Shaft: 160mm (6.2")
Dynamic F90 Whisk Attachment

Whisk attachment for Motor Block. Model: Model: F90.
Dynamic Junior Ricer Tool

For CF005 & CF006. Model: AC103.
Dynamic Junior Stick Blender

270W Shaft: 225mm (8.8")
Dynamic Junior Stick Whisk

270W Whisk Length: 185mm (7.2")
Dynamic Junior Plus Stick Blender

270W Shaft: 225mm (8.8") Detachable
Dynamic Junior Mixer Plus XL

270W Shaft: 300mm (11.8")
Dynamic Mini Cordless Whisk FT010 - CF003

250W Shaft: 185mm (7.2")
Dynamic BM 2000 Motor Block

500W Model: AC001
Dynamic Master Whisk FM92

Dynamic Master Whisk FM92. Colour: Silver
Dynamic Junior Turbo Blender MX110 - CN538

270W. Shaft: 225mm (8.8")
Dynamic Master Beater Whisk FM90

Dynamic Master Beater Whisk. Colour: Silver. Model: FM90
Dynamic Master Whisk FM91

Dynamic Master Whisk FM91. Colour: Silver
Dynamic AP 90 Foodmill / Ricer

Dynamic AP 90 Foodmill / Ricer. Colour: Silver. Model: AP 90.
Senior Stick Blender

300W Shaft: 300mm (11.8")
Dynamic Senior Plus Stick Blender

350W Shaft: 300mm (11.8")Detachable
Dynamic Master Single Speed Stick Blender - K472

500W. Shaft: 410mm (16.1")
Dynamic Senior Mixer XL

350W Shaft: 400mm (15.7") Detachable
Dynamic Master Stick Blender MX2000S

500W Shaft: 410mm (16.1")
Dynamic Junior Combi Stick Blender & Whisk

270W Shaft: 225mm (8.8") Detachable
Dynamic Master Dynaspeed Stick Blender

460W Shaft: 410mm (16.1") MX030UK.2
Dynamic Master Stick Blender MX003UK.H - CN237

600W Shaft: 420mm (16.5") Detachable
Dynamic Master Stick Whisk

500W Whisk Length: 245mm (9.6")
Dynamic Cutter Bowl

For CF009 & AD281. Model: AC055.
Dynamic DMX 300 CC Master Stick Blender MX160 - DM489

BM Master + M 300 CC Master
Dynamic Master Combi Stick Blender and Whisk MF002

500W Shaft: 420mm (16.5") Detachable
Dynamic Senior Combi Stick Blender & Whisk

350W Shaft: 300mm (11.8")

600W. Capacity: 100Ltr
Dynamic DMX 300 CC Master Stick Blender MX165 - DM490

BM Master + Blender CC Master
Dynamic Master Stick Blender and Whisk Combi MF002UK.H - CN225

600W Shaft: 420mm (16.5") Detachable
Dynamic Heavy Duty Stick Blender SMX 600 Turbo - DS550

850W Shaft: 530mm Non-Detachable