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Waring 64oz Stacking MX Jar with Lid

Capacity: 2Ltr. For CB135 CB136 CB137 GH480
Chefmaster 2200Watt 2Ltr Blender Manual - HEC826

Size 252w x 255d x 520. 2 Years Parts & Labour
Buffalo Blender 2.5Ltr - CR836

1.68kW. 10-28,000rpm
Buffalo Digital Blender 2.5Ltr - CY140

Digital control
Chefmaster 2200Watt 2Ltr Blender Touch - HEC825

Size 230w x 254d x 492. 2 Years Parts & Labour

220W. Capacity: 4Ltr
Waring Bar Blender BB255K - CP340

260W. Dual speed 1.3Ltr
Waring Bolt Cordless Blender WSB38XK - CN981

5,000-13,000rpm. Capacity: 15Ltr
Waring Bar Blender BB255SK - CP341

260W. Dual speed 1Ltr. Stainless Steel Jug
Buffalo Blender 2.5Ltr with Sound Enclosure - DR825

1.68kW. 10-28,000rpm. Quiet
Waring Food Processor 1.75 Ltr

Capacity:1.75Ltr.410W Motor
Waring Blade Blender BB300K - CP847

750W. Dual speed. 1.4Ltr
Bar Blender - 1 Litre Stainless Steel Jug

375W Dual speed & pulse 1 Ltr

600W Dual speed 1.25Ltr

600W Dual speed 1.25Ltr
Waring Blade Blender BB340K - CP848

750W. Dual speed. 1.4Ltr. Programmable

600W Dual speed 1.25Ltr
Waring Blade Blender BB340SK - CP849

750W. Dual speed. 1.4Ltr. Programmable. St/St Jug
Waring Torq 2 Blender TBB145K - CP870

1.4kW. Dual speed. 1.4ltr
Dynamic Junior Turbo Blender MX110 - CN538

270W. Shaft: 225mm (8.8")
Single Spindle Waring Drinks Mixer

110W Single Head. Three Speed
Waring Torq 2 Blender TBB160K - CP871

1.4kW. Dual speed. 1.4Ltr. Countdown timer
Waring Litre Food Processor 3.3Ltr

Capacity:3.3Ltr.600W Motor
Hamilton Beach HBF500 Food Blender - HBF500-UK

Size 178 x 229 x 483mm. . Capacity 1.4L
Waring Torq 2 Blender TBB175K - CP872

1.4W. Three speed. 1.4Ltr
Sirman Blitz Food Processor - BLITZ

Size 240 x 240 x 330mm. Power 0.37kw. Capacity 3.2L
Waring Food Processor

Capacity:3.3Ltr.600W Motor
Hamilton Beach HBF500S Food Blender - HBF500S-UK

Size 178 x 203 x 521mm. . Capacity 1.8L

1.5kW Dual speed & pulse. Electric Keypad and Timer. 1.35Ltr
Waring Two Spindle Drinks Mixer

220W Two Head. Three Speed
Waring Xtreme Hi-Power Blender MX1000XTXEK

1.5kW Dual speed 2Ltr
Hamilton Beach Spare 4L Polycarbonate Container - 6126-1100

Spare 4L Polycarbonate Container
Waring X-Prep Kitchen Blender

1.5kW Variable speed 2Ltr

600W. Capacity: 100Ltr
Hamilton Beach Spare 4L Stainless Steel Container - 6126-1100S

Spare 4L Stainless Steel Container
Waring Xtreme Hi-Power Blender MX1100XTXSEK

1.5kW Dual Speed Quiet 2Ltr
Waring Three Spindle Drinks Mixer

330W Three Head. Three Speed
Sirman C-TRONIC 4VT Food Processor - C-TRONIC 4VT

Size 457 x 296 x 300mm. Power 0.35kw. Capacity 3.3L
Waring Food Processor 3.8Ltr

Capacity:3.8Ltr.700W Motor
Waring Xtreme Hi-Power Blender MK1500XTXSEK

1.5kW Variable speed Programmable 2Ltr
Hamilton Beach HBF600 Food Blender - HBF600-UK

Size 178 x 203 x 457mm. . Capacity 1.9L
Sirman C-TRONIC 6VT Food Processor - C-TRONIC 6VT

Size 457 x 304 x 362mm. Power 0.35kw. Capacity 5.3L
Dynamic SMX Blender 700 Turbo MX040T - DS551

925W Shaft: 680mm (26.7")
Hamilton Beach HBF600S Food Blender - HBF600S-UK

Size 178 x 229 x 483mm. . Capacity 1.8L
Waring Xtreme Hi-Power Blender MX1500XTXSEK with Extra Jug - SA406

1.5kW Variable speed Programmable 2Ltr
Santos Kitchen Blender 37A 4Ltr - DN637

750W Variable speed 4Ltr
Waring Food Processor with Continuous Feed

Capacity:3.8Ltr.700W Motor
Santos Silent Drinks Blender 62A - DN638

1.5kW Variable speed Programmable 2.4Ltr